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011: TC: Kevin from NJ News: Consumer Reports Now Recommends Model 3 – week after not recommending

This week on my tesla podcast:
In the Tesla community segment.  Meet Kevin from NJ, just days away from receiving his Model 3.
In the news:
    *Model 3 production paused to upgrade line
    *Elon responds to Consumer Reports with a software fix in 3 days.N
    *Hypermiling record in model 3
    *Supercharger map update with big expansion plans
Model 3 production line upgrades going on this week:
Elon responds to Consumer Reports brake issues with a software fix in 3 days:
Hypermiling record in model 3:
Updated Supercharger map with 2018-19 expansion plans:

010: TC: Host, Paul Dell, takes delivery of his model 3 -News-AWD & Performance

This week on my tesla podcast:
In the Tesla community segment.  I will be talking about receiving my model 3
In the news
     *AWD & Performance pricing and specs released
    *Model 3 production getting on track, with lead times for some models cut in half for people putting in orders today
    *Consumer Reports says model 3 “Falls Short”
    *IIHS releases first safety rating for model 3
    *that and more

009: TC-Michael & Paul discuss model 3 delivery issues-News- AWD & Performance coming soon, model 3 production over 3K, Hackathon and more

This week on my tesla podcast
From the Tesla community Michael and I talk about the Model 3 delivery process in our state that has no delivery centers
In the news
    *The online configurator will open for Model 3 AWD and Performance versions later this week
    *Multiple signs Model 3 production is up 75-100% in past 4 weeks
    *Elon conducts a Hackathon to fix some production bottlenecks
    *Elon’s corporate reorganization to prepare for the future
Model 3 AWD and Performance model configurator opening up this week:
Multiple signs Model 3 production up 75-100%:
Hackathon to fix model 3 production bottlenecks:
Elon doing some corporate restructuring at Tesla:
Powerwall 2 software update allows load shifting of power consumption:
South Australia Tesla Battery saves $35M in 4 months for ratepayers:
TC sites mentioned:
Google Doc – Model 3 Checklist:

008: TC-Michael’s first few days with his model 3 -News-Production ramping back up, Tesla Semi, Firing contractors, & Rant

This week on My Tesla Podcast:
From the Tesla community
    -Michael’s first week with his Model 3
In the news
    -Vin Registrations – production ramping back up
    -New interior options for S & X
    -Tesla Semi update
    -Tesla Firing Contractors
    -My Rant triggered by negative comments to a positive WSJ article

007: Tesla 2018 Q1 Update Investor Call and Letter Observations

Some highlights that jumped out to me about the Tesla 2018 Q1 update.   Tons of news and exciting times ahead.

If you want to read the letter or listen to the call yourself, here is the link:

Tesla, Inc. Q1 2018 Financial Results and Q&A Webcast