009: TC-Michael & Paul discuss model 3 delivery issues-News- AWD & Performance coming soon, model 3 production over 3K, Hackathon and more

This week on my tesla podcast
From the Tesla community Michael and I talk about the Model 3 delivery process in our state that has no delivery centers
In the news
    *The online configurator will open for Model 3 AWD and Performance versions later this week
    *Multiple signs Model 3 production is up 75-100% in past 4 weeks
    *Elon conducts a Hackathon to fix some production bottlenecks
    *Elon’s corporate reorganization to prepare for the future
Model 3 AWD and Performance model configurator opening up this week:
Multiple signs Model 3 production up 75-100%:
Hackathon to fix model 3 production bottlenecks:
Elon doing some corporate restructuring at Tesla:
Powerwall 2 software update allows load shifting of power consumption:
South Australia Tesla Battery saves $35M in 4 months for ratepayers:
TC sites mentioned:
Google Doc – Model 3 Checklist:

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