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B01: 20 reasons why I love my Tesla Model 3 and you will also!

I really think that if you can afford this car, you need to buy one.  It will make your drive and your life more enjoyable.  I will go over 20 features of the model 3 that I have grown to love and you will too if you take the leap and order one.

Paul Dell, Host

My Tesla Podcast

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014: TC- Meet Brian 4th EV 1st Tesla -News- Tesla 9% layoffs, 1st Performance Model 3 off line, Sabotage

This week in My Tesla Podcast meet Brian a Model 3 owner on his 4th EV.  find out how model 3 stacks up
In the news:
9% workforce reduction at tesla
Model 3 Performance rolling off new production line
Elon reports employee Sabotage
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013: TC- Meet Miles Entrepreneur & NE Tesla Club -News-Flood of Info from Elon at 2018 Shareholders Meeting

This week in My Tesla Podcast Meet Miles an Entrepreneur and founder of The Tesla Owners Club of New England
In the News:
-Latest software update for S, X and 3
-And the flood of information from Elon Musk at Tesla’s 2018 Annual Shareholder Meeting

012: TC- Meet John retired EE from NH -News-Activity at Giga, German teardown shows Tesla strengths

This week in My Tesla Podcast Meet John a retired electrical engineer and model S owner in Norther New Hampshire
In the News:
-More details on Model 3 Performance version
-Activity at Gigafactory – pointing to expanding main building soon?
-German teardown company shows edge Tesla can have in production and profits
-Tesla Energy update- Puerto Rico 11,00 projects and worldwide tesla has installed 1 GW energy storage