021: TC: Meet Michael a Dual motor model 3 owner from Oregon, News: VIN registrations soar past 100K, Elon Musk grants 2 interviews

This week in My Tesla Podcast meet Michael a Dual motor model 3 owner from Oregon
In the News:
*VIN registrations soar past 100K
*Elon Musk grants 2 interviews on the same day but was it the same Elon in both interviews?
*More news on Tesla going private and speculation who should participate
*Wall Street Journal cover story “Some Tesla Suppliers Fret About Getting Paid”
*Tesla expanding Solar Roof installations into the Northeast
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Elon Musk interviews NYT article vs Youtuber video interview  Both done Aug 15:
S&X factory tour
Model 3 production tour by Evercore:
Should Apple invest in Tesla?
Banks drop coverage of Tesla because they are working on transaction to help them go private:
WSJ Cover story on some suppliers worried about getting paid:
Tesla Expanding Solar Roof installations into the Northeast:

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