023: TC: Meet Gavin Model 3 owner in Ohio News: Goldman Sacks new Sell rating, record VIN registrations in August and more

n the news:
-Record VIN registrations in August with some new configurations
-The Grand Basil car show “suprise”
-Tesla seems to have missed their Aug 6K/wk goal
-After the going Private Tweet saga – Goldman Sacks resumes coverage with Sell rating


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European VIN registrations:
Software update:
V9 sneak peak:
Product reveal at Grand Basil show:
Rumors Tesla did not make goal of 6K Model 3 by end of Aug.
Forbes article – Passion vs Quality .
Goldman Sacks resume Tesla coverage with sell rating:
Tesla Low Cobalt batteries giving cost advantage:
Mercedes EQC launch
Other Electric cars revealed in Sept:

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