029: News: Judge approves SEC settlement, Tesla Drivetrain tested for 1,000,000 miles, VW copying Tesla distribution


Judge approves SEC settlement
Tesla drivetrain tested for 1M miles and looks great
VIN registrations continue strong climb in Oct
Growth in headcount at Tesla
Elon says Gigafactory 1 headcount could eventually reach 20K
VW following in Tesla’s footsteps and will need to change dealer agreements
v9 rollout finally goes wide on model 3s
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SEC settlement approved by judge:
1M miles on model 3 drivetrain:
Vin registrations continue strong climb
Early Q4 production rumors:
45K employees now at Tesla:
April Email to employees:
Gigafactory 1 employee count could reach 20,000:
VW copying Tesla with over the air updates and Internet sales:

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