About Us

The My Tesla Podcast is really YOUR podcast. It is a podcast to tell your stories of why you drive or want to drive a Tesla. There is something special for you that drew you to owning a Tesla. We want to hear it. In 2018 we are at a special point in Tesla’s growth. With Model 3 finally ramping up, the diversity and size of the Tesla community is about to explode. We want to connect and hear what owning a Tesla means to you and how it may or may not affect other choices like solar power for your home. Owning a Tesla is no longer a Left Coast thing, but a choice that people from all regions of the US and the world are taking.

For this to be a success, we need to hear from YOU. Even if you think your story is not extraordinary. That is the point, “ordinary” people are now eager to buy an exciting EV. So reach out to us and let’s talk.