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035: Tesla News: China Sales Plummet?, Elon on Axios, GM Cutbacks

In the News:
  • Have Tesla sales plummeted in China?
  • GM closing assembly plants and firing workers – should Tesla buy a plant and hire the workers?
  • Panasonic is moving Tesla battery production from Japan to the US
  • In recent interview Elon Musk states that Tesla was weeks away from “near death”
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Tesla roller coaster sales in china:
when Tesla lowered prices in china 6 months ago:
when Tesla raised prices in china 4 months ago:
Tesla lowers prices and absorbs some of the tariff impact:
GM closing plants and firing workers:
GM voluntary buyout offer:
Panasonic moving Tesla battery production to the US:
Cold weather improvements in 2018.44.2:

B02: Tesla 2018 Q2 Investor Letter and Call Summary – Sorry Shorts Elon didn’t loose his sh*t

Elon and the Team report on Q2 results and look into the future at what is next.   Lots of great news about Model 3 production, Autopilot software AND hardware updates, expansion plans and more.

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