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022: TC: Mark model 3 reservation holder waiting for standard battery. News: Tesla staying Public, Jay Leno drive Roadster Prototype, Tesla wins twice in court, Ranger Fleet doubling in 2018

This week in My Tesla Podcast from the Tesla Community segment meet Mark a reservation holder waiting for the Standard Range model 3.
In the News:
*Tesla will stay private
*Jay Leno Drives prototype of the new Tesla Roadster
*Tesla has 2 wins in court one in US and one in Canada
*Tesla ranger fleet to double this year
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Tesla Staying Public Blog Post:
Jay Leno’s Garage – Tesla 2020 Roadster:
Ontario Lawsuit Win:
Lawsuit dismissed over model 3 production targets:
Release 2018.32.2 bug fixes
VIN Analysis:
Mobile Service fleet Doubling in 2018: